4949 Hendron Road
Groveport, OH
United States

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Our auction facility is located 4949 Hendron Road, Groveport, Ohio. This location is 2½ miles from I-270 that surrounds Columbus, Ohio. From the interstate, buyers and consignors can arrive at this location within minutes by traveling on US 33, State Route 317 and then Hendron Road. Frequently, we hear that attendees have effortless travel from as far away as Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky on a weekly basis. 

The enclosed auction area totals 4,000 square feet of display space. We have five large overhead doors for easy loading and unloading; all floors are ground level. Our ceiling height is over fifteen feet enabling us to hang artwork and accommodate large pieces of furniture and equipment for better eye appeal. We maintain an inventory of over 100 tables, 300 chairs, tablecloths, podium, sound equipment, and office equipment including high-speed Internet access, multiple phone lines, copier and facsimile services.

Our entire facility is protected with motion detectors, door alarms and 24-hour lighting to safeguard you as well as your property. Surrounding our auction facility is over 2½ acres of parking. We have had as many as 700 cars and trucks on our property and nearby lots at one time for an auction. As well, additional short-term parking is available on other nearby locations. Economical public storage is right next door when needed. There are several hotels within 10 minutes of our location, and numerous restaurants and other shopping and entertainment opportunities. We are about 15 minutes from Columbus International Airport as well as downtown Columbus, Ohio

Why is having an auction facility important? Many times an auction cannot be held on-site. In those cases, items can be moved to our facility and sold. By owning our facility and having business hours nearly every day of the year, items don't usually have to be stored in public storage facilities, moved twice or delivered only on certain days, decreasing the likelihood of damage and theft. Also, we can host your auction on any day you wish, as we are not subject to a rental hall's schedule of other events like weddings, parties or other auctions. Lastly, following our auctions, your items can "stay the night" for pickup the following day.


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